The place God calls you to is the place where your deepest gladness and the the world’s deepest hunger meet.

Frederick Buechner

Greetings! I’m glad you have visited this small place on the internet where I try to make something out of the few words I have. You are very welcome here, please stay in touch.

My name is Kim and I live in the northwest of England. In the fifth decade of my life, wife of one, mother of four, sometime school teacher, you will find me thinking, reading, talking and listening, always trying to find the words to say the things I need to share. I was raised on good stuff: an East Anglian childhood, an undergraduate degree in theology, a qualification in nursing, several years of stay-at-home motherhood, some pretty bad bouts of depressive illness and lots of great books. More recently I taught school and joined the staff of my church as a children and families worker. 

When I grow up I really want to be a writer, but probably more than that I want to be human, as fully human as it is possible to be. So I practice both these things, writing and being human, on this blog which I call Dappled Things, borrowed from a poem by Gerard Manly Hopkins. Here, I will share some stories, grapple with some problems and bring a little faith encouragement, some knitting and friendship whenever I can.

It would be great if you got in touch to let me know a small piece of your own story along the way and in the meantime I will share my story, every beautiful and terrible moment of it, as honestly and authentically as I am able.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. your blog about New Boots and other answered prayer came through a friend of mine, It really struck a chord with me and as editor of a church magazine I wonder if you would give me permission too reproduce this. Thank you for your words and I pray that I can be more grateful for the blessing God has given me.

    • Hi Janet, thanks for contacting me. I’m really glad you read the piece, it’s always great to hear from readers. I’m sure we can arrange for you to include the piece in your church magazine. Please could you send me some details of your church and the publication and we can go from there. Many blessings and thanks for your encouraging words.

  2. Its St Thomas’ Church Parish Magazine. Our church is in a small village on the edge of the Pennines called Delph near the town of Oldham, which is about 5 miles from Manchester.

    • Thanks Janet, that sounds great. Please could I ask you to acknowledge authorship and include a short bio and web address of the blog? if you go ahead let me know, I’d love to see a copy. Thanks.

  3. Of course I will – can possibly send copy of next mag by email at the end of March as our magazine is only published bi-monthly.
    Thanks very much

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  5. Hi Kim, I enjoyed getting to know you a little on this page. Wow, it sounds like you have all ready done a lot of living and being “human”. 🙂 I am also in my 5th decade of life and deeply desire to encourage and write about God in the everyday happenings of life. Stop by my Blog or join my Facebook page Life Bubbling Over! to get to know me better. I very much enjoyed your writing on glue. I am stopping by from FMF. Have a blessed and joyful Easter!…<… Cathy

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  7. I came across your comment on emily Freeman’s “chatting at the sky” and was intrigued that you were from the UK, so I clicked on your name and found your blog. I love how you string words together and share so authentically from your heart. I love how you love beauty! Thank you!

    • Hi Kirstin. Are you a UK fan or were you just surprised that Emily has UK readers? I’m a big blog reader almost exclusively North American women writers. American writers seem to do the blog thing so much better. Checking out your blog right now. Lovely to make contact and thank you for reading.

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