Something lovely for the weekend (25.09.15)

Friends (not church people) have recently asked me how I keep faith and talking a little with them I hear the question they’re asking asking like a shout into the silence.

How can you keep faith in a God you can not see, when the world all around you is falling into pieces and everyone is arguing over the best ways to pick them up?

How can you keep faith as an adult when all the childlike ways of knowing God are no longer big enough to hold the weight of your troubled heart?

As much as I’ve heard the question I’ve asked it too and all the time I come back to something along the line of this …

There’s a greater something

an invitation for more

Theres a great big Someone

Living inside out of you and me

He’s calling … calling …. 

Calling me back to the garden.

Molly Skaggs – Invitation 


One thought on “Something lovely for the weekend (25.09.15)

  1. Thank you Kim. I’ve been asking myself myself this and I think the quotes puts words around the answer I’ve been feeling my way towards.

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