For Alyan


When something like this happens it’s easy to respond with personal promises and resolutions. One stop responses, tears shed and petitions signed. It’s easy to decided to change everything in the wake of a viral photo of a small dead body washed up on the beach.

But what if we did all change the way we live, from this moment and forever? What if we did let the love of God reach deep into our pockets and the locked corners of our savings accounts? We could easily decide that it’s less about holding onto the privilege and plenty of our safe western lifestyle and more about justice in a world that clearly has enough for us all. We could get really radical, let our decisions in the supermarket and on the high street, be overwhelmed with the kind of compassion for the poor that Christ spoke about on that beautiful mount. We could break our heart a little more often for the hurting spirits and broken bodies of world in chaos and tell the politicians and decision makers some simple truths about God’s splendid plan for a re-made world. We can go to bed tonight praying for the work of the international peacekeepers and leaders, those  around the negotiating tables and those on the ground. We can intercede earnestly for the NGO and serving Christians all across Europe and throughout the middle east who risk their lives and their own tender hearts helping others simply survive.

Tonight there will still be parents putting children into boats and sending them out onto the sea, to an unknown future in an un-named place, because it is safer to do this than it is for them to stay where they are.

In the meantime this is a crisis and the politicians who says that accepting more refugees will not solve the crisis are wrong. It will solve the crisis; it just might not solve the problem. We respect the work that governments do in solving the problems but today, it would seem, the people are asking the politicians to respond to the crisis because we don’t want to see anymore pictures like the one of little Alyan dead in the sand.

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

What can we do?

Write to your MPSign the petition and Give to Tearfund

Work with one of the many organisations delivering aid and relief to refugees, for example Help for Refugees in Molyov

Back to school time, consider funding a backpack for a refugee child returning to school via World Relief


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