Summer Reading List


Something long, something poetry, something non-fiction, something recent, something faith building and something classic; this is how I’ve put together my summer reading list.

David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
Summer holidays and Christmas are a signal to reach for the tome. Relaxing on the beach or in the garden, car journeys, train journeys and long afternoons without term time responsibilities, this is a great way to eek out all the joys and slow the holidays down. Anything in excess of 500 pages will do the job and Ann Bogel, my favourite book blogger has written and recommended on this subject.
I’m not being too ambitious and have chosen a modest 624 pages. David Mitchell’s latest novel spans sixty years, from the early eighties of the previous century into the future decades of the next. Tracing the story of Holly Sykes and her troublesome psychic powers, the story moves between this world and another, masterfully combining genres and confusing expectations as only Mitchell can. Mixed reviews for this book, but fans will be delighted to find that several characters from previous Mitchell novels make an appearance.

Alfred Habegger, My Wars are Laid Away in Books
I often use anthologies to help me chose poems but have decided to make a more serious study of one of my favourite poets. I have bought a biography of Emily Dickinson as a companion to the collected works.

Robert Mcfarlane, The Old Ways
Andy recommended this to me as the best book he has read in quite sometime. The Old Ways is the narrative of a walker travelling our ancient by-ways, seeking to explain how the landscape has informed our imaginations over hundreds of years.

Antony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See
So many readers are recommending this world war two story of a blind girl and the father who builds her a model of Paris so she can remember the city.

Karen Swallow Prior, Fierce Convictions
I’m saving a little space for making a purchase or two from the Greenbelt books store but I do have two books by Karen Swallow Prior on the list, an author who has been on my must read pile for quite some time. Fierce Convictions is the biographical tale of Hannah More, eighteenth century abolitionist and social reformer. I also hope to dip into, Booked which promises to explain to me those powerful places where literature and faith collide.

Checkout this piece by Prior for Ann Voskamp’s blog. It inspired me to buy the book.

In addition to this I have a kindle full to the brim with Antony Trollope and Christian classics, for the trips when I’m travelling light.

Other reading lists

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Ann Bogel’s excellent guide (a woman totally committed to understanding what we like to read)

The Guardian – various summer reading lists

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What are you reading this summer? And where do you go for book reviews and recommendations?


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