It’s been a long time …


It’s been a long time.

Scroll down and you’ll see that I haven’t written here since the beginning of December last year: December 7th, an Advent posting with all the good intentions of many festive pieces to come.

Then there is silence.

Even though I never stopped writing, for some reason I stopped posting and the blog went quiet. I picked up my pen to compile the odd post but the simplest idea, once birthed, died on the page. There are so many bloggers doing such good work one wonders if there is anything left to write about or any creative ways left to say it.

However, I have missed the discipline of writing for a blog. There is a pace, ideas flow, words are committed to paper and there is a need to make a coherent whole, something with a beginning, a middle and end, something you wouldn’t be afraid of other people reading. It feels good to start and finish a piece, to send it out into the great unknown for other people to read and decide upon.

I didn’t stop writing. I’ve been journalling and experimenting with fiction just for myself. But that can so easily become self indulgent: it doesn’t matter what you write or how you write it when you know that no one else will read it. There is a pressure in having to share which is productive and it’s a pressure I think I will put myself under again. There is nothing as rigorous as as editing a piece that other people will read. Surely this is the craft of learning to write well. As Janet Fitch so beautifully describes it,

Learn to look at your sentences, play with them, make sure there’s music, lots of edges and corners to the sound.

So I shall be returning to the blog. 

Please watch this space, gracious readers and friends! I’m looking to develop this place to be even more hospitable and welcoming to you over the coming months.

Finally, in the name of hospitality, friends and community I’d like to share with you an art project created by my dear friend Su.

I present, TASLAPTAP, an interactive, site specific, drift wood inspired interactive art project. And if you live in the Southport area you should definitely get yourself down to the beach (at the place where Hesketh Lane joins the coast road) to participate. Just on the high tide line you will find a great tree stump covered in lichens and host to numerous wild flora. At the base of the stump is a tin with pencils and paper so you can make a sketch and leave a contribution. Then only a few feet away is an interactive continuous sculpture made of found objects that you and your children can contribute to .

DSC_0705 DSC_0703 DSC_0691

We parked in Marshside RSPB car park and walked down there yesterday in the sunshine and the wind; took some photos and made some sketches.


You will find information about the art project on Su’s blog and on her Facebook page.


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