Four cups of tea and an omer of manna


Not everyone can start each day bright eyed and bushy tailed, a good breakfast, shower, teeth, shoes shined, out the door, on time. Some of us only really start to breath after the third cup of tea or a mug of stove top coffee so strong you could put it in the fuel tank and drive the car to work on it. Some of us hung the clean white ironed shirt on the back of the door before we laid ourselves down to sleep. But some of us will still be hopping round the bedroom searching for the other matching sock when all the front doors on the street have slammed shut and the cars have pulled off their drives and begun the compute. We know for sure we’re late again and throughout the brain fog we wonder if there’s a better way to start the day than digging in the dirty laundry basket for something passable to wear for a second day.

Maybe you have morning habits as regular as the 6.30 alarm on the digital clock beside your carefully ordered dust free bedside table. You never even want to lie in. A signed-up fully active member of the jump-out-of-bed-and-face-the-day brigade. Some of us are fumbling for snooze, whilst you are pulling on yoga pants and lacing up trainers for your morning run.

We cant all be good in the morning. But this said I am a convert to one rather lovely the early morning routine; a little sun rise habit that has become a blessing  for the very sleepy soul. The habit is this: a psalm in the morning and a little laying down of the cares and worries of the day in prayer, a real gift. And what is more, it can all be accomplished with out even getting out of your bed, if thats the way you would like to do it. And thats the way I like to do it. Because I like my bed and God never said that for prayer to work it had to be carried out kneeling on a hard floor in draughty half light of an un heated room.

Today some little threads came together for me, as I read and thought and prayed my morning psalm.

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait expectantly.
Psalm 5.3

By first cup of tea I’d cheerfully greeted all the kids and made sure they had what they needed for the day. By second cup of tea I’d read a psalm and done some prayer business that needed my (Our) attention. I’d names the prayer things right out loud twice just so I didn’t forget. Just to hear the sound of a good confession break the dread of the day ahead. You bring a thing to God in prayer , you have to know you said it, he heard it and it’s safe in his hand. Watch what unfolds from this point, for what unfold from this point is all because of a a very precious prayer.

This is a writing day and by the third cup of tea I’d read a little and written a little and some ideas are coming together.

Wandering and grumbling in a place called the Desert of Sin, God tells the children of Israel that he will feed them. Every morning he will send them a bread from heaven but they must go out first thing to gather what they need, manna(Exodus 16). And he fed them as he feeds me. Something seen be made again out of something unseen.


And I read some good things about mana and being fed, about trusting God and reading His word.

I read these lovely words, a story from Ann Voskamp,

Mama has the tea ready when I get there for prayer group and Bible study first thing in the morning … I, of course, come late. Like a foolish woman straight out of a 6am parable, still trying to trim her lamp, trying to remember her oil, trying to stay awake … Mama she hands me a cup of steaming tea, apple cinnamon, and tells me it’s Psalm 107 this morning and could I just read the chapter right out loud? Read it because it’s manna and you’ve got nothing to give if you haven’t gathered and you have to gather Word-manna at daybreak if you’re going to gain form it the daylong.

And these lovely words from Glennon Melton, her children’s sermon, good for grown up children too …

Remember how I taught you that one of the most repeated lines in the Bible is: ”Do not be afraid?” Today’s Bible story is one of my favourites because it helps me remember to not be afraid.

Here’s the story:

God called some people to do a really hard thing – to travel through the desert for a very long time, and they were hungry and tired and scared. Do you ever feel hungry and tired and scared?

I do. Lots of times every day, usually… continue reading here

I shared my encouragement from psalms on social media and later over my fourth cup of tea I opened my Facebook. It had been liked and shared.

You are my people, you early morning prayer friends. You who open the Word before the bustle of the day has begun, stalking around the hushed sleeping homes and seeking out that manna, gathering it up and bringing it home.

Because He cares for you.

What are you’re most vital morning habits? which good morning habits have been hardest to achieve? how do you ensure you have gather your early morning mana?


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