Something lovely for the weekend: Fullness


I’ve had the best ever first week back at school.  Three lovely classes to teach and so far so good.

Andy and I won’t be helping at the youth club this year. The truth is we really are getting a little old for such shenanigans on a Friday night. So he’s dropping the kids there now and picking up a bottle of wine on the way home. We have an episode of the West Wing to watch; last series, last episode. But before we watch that that we get to FaceTime with Peter all the way from sunny California.

Because I really do have that Friday feeling today,  I’m re-launching ‘Something lovely for the weekend’ with a great song that is on repeat here as a write.

The video I’m sharing features one of Pete’s friend, Liverpool based worship leader, Ian Yates and a song form his new Album DNA. This video comes with a number of personal mentions and gratitudes.

The video was made by Bara’ Creative a business venture belonging to Peter and his good friend Jack Cursham. Jack got married last Saturday and we all had such a lovely day celebrating with him and Fiona so I’m certainly pleased to be able to give them a little mention. I’d also like to give a little shout out for all my Liverpool friends, I love you very much and need to tell you that you did our Peter soooo much good. Thank you xxx


Finally, if you’ve ever been in a meeting where Ian was leading worship you will know he’s a natural. By that I mean there is no affectation, no personal agenda, no sense of performance or self promotion – just the endless possibilities of enjoying the presence of God with freedom and space for anyone and everyone whatever place they are in. Here is an open invitation to share in something precious from the heart of our Father God.

A Father God who pursued us in love, more than we will ever know.



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