Five good things for families


I thought I’d share some good things for spring time and Easter.  Just for fun. Here are easy crafts to make and do and add a little family creativity to the holidays. There’s even more here on the Pinterest board I made for Easter and you can find some Easter colouring sheet at Doodle Art Alley.


1. Easter Crispie Cakes

If you’re making crispie cakes and adorning them with mini-eggs there’s no shortage of recipes to be found across the net, though these are so easy you hardly need a recipe. The instructions below works just fine even for barely supervised children, just remember to melt and add ingredients in the stated order to avoid the chocolate seizing up.




200g chocolate

120g butter

6 table spoons of golden syrup

180g rice crispies

Mini-eggs to decorate

1. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over hot water or carefully in the microwave.

2. Cut the butter into cubes and add gradually stir in until it has melted.

3. Add the golden syrup one table spoon at a time stirring until thoroughly combined.

4. Add the rice crispies and stir gently ensuring the cereal is coated with the chocolate mixture.

5. Spoon the mixture into 24 paper cases that you have arranged in a bun tin.

6. Decorate with mini-eggs and leave to set at room temperature.




Alternatively you could make some cupcakes and decorate those with mini-eggs. Click here for a recipe and look out for pretty pastel coloured cake cases to make your baking look especially pretty.

2. Decorating Eggs

Last year Lucy and I bought dye that was specifically designed for eggs and if you can get hold of some I thoroughly recommend it. The deep dye eggs you see here were produced using egg dye and a black sharpie. I think you’ll agree the results are impressive.


This year we used food dyes which produce a subtle and less even colour distribution across the egg shell.  I bought white ducks eggs from our local farm shop which show the colour off to its best advantage. I recommend boiling the egg in the dye then leaving them to cool and soak for 24-48 hours. Food colouring is cheaper than a special product and you probably have some at the back of a cupboard or amongst your cake decorating miscellany. Again we finished them using a sharpie and a few dabs of bleach.




Click on the picture below for more fabulous egg decorating ideas at Buzz feed.


3. Simple Easter cards


You will need:

White A4 card

Coloured tissue paper

Black sugar paper

PVA glue and scissors

1. Cut the tissue into inch wide strips.

2. Cut a small curved hill shape and strips for the cross from the black paper.

3. Assemble the card by glueing the tissue strips horizontally to create a sunset effect and sticking the hill and the cross over the top.

4. Donut tombs


 You will need:

A paper plate

A ring donut

An oreo biscuit

Desiccated coconut

Green food colouring

Water icing

Paper, glue and a cocktail stick for the flag.

You will find instructions for this activity all across the internet. It’s pretty self explanatory apart from explaining that the water icing can be used to hold the thing together; stick the donut to the plate with a dab of icing and stick the Oreo across the mouth of the tomb with another dab of icing. The coconut is coloured with a little green food colouring to make the grass and the flag is assembled using paper, glue and a cocktail stick.

5. Spring texture garden


We made this craft at toddler group before the holidays. A simple craft for small children, it is best made with a good selection of paper of different textures. We used sand paper, bubble wrap, foil and different types of craft paper.

You will need:

A paper plate

A purchased chick

A selection of papers, different colours and textures

Glue and sellotape

1. Assemble the garden by arranging the paper and sticking it down with glue.

2. Add the chick and attach with sellotape.

Enjoy your holidays!





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