Five Minute Friday: Writer


Tightrope Writer

I AM a tightrope writer

A gravity fighter

A free foot artist

Traversing the gorge

With a rope of tense language

My thin wire life

No fear of a fall


I AM a tightrope writer

A silenced survivor

A syntax-ed striker

Sky-walking the world with my words

I sway wide

But I will not fall


I come a little late to Five Minute Friday again this week but I come with “big thanks” to so many friends who sent pieces either last night or this morning. I’d especially like to mention first time Five Minute Friday contributors, Debbie, Anna, Karen and Andrea and hope you enjoy their pieces.

Last week Su asked, How do you write like that in just 5 minutes?

And Heidi and I both laughed because … well … *confession alert* … we don’t … not quite.

Heidi said, Five Minute Friday was the writing equivalent of a no make-up selfie and we all know that some of you cheated for those!

This week I have chosen to write a poem and at about 50 words it has required very little time and attention. The first line is from a phrase I’ve been playing with in my head and on scraps of paper for most of my life. So that’s five minutes of writing this morning but about 30 years of work in-between. I also did a little online research on tightrope walkers and discovered the fascinating fact that the name for their art is funambulism, taken from the French.  

So for all you writing and reading funambulists out there I have a selection of 5 minute pieces to share based on the prompt WRITER. I hope as you read you can recognise that the act of putting your otherwise private writing out there for an audience is just as brave as stepping out onto a tight wire stretched between two skyscrapers or a cross a high mountain gorge.

Every step counts and every step is scary, but it’s fantastic to safely reach the other side.




When I think of a writer, my mind conjours up a kind of instragram picture of someone sitting serenely in a quiet, fragrant corner of the garden, surrounded by birds and jasmine, with a cup of coffee gently steaming away. Serenity heaven. In reality, I’m sitting at my kitchen table, trying to ignore the dishes in the sink, the unattended paperwork in the corner and the ‘shopping list’ that is taking shape beside me. I imagined all the other ‘Five-Minute Friday’ writers, with their creativity wheels whirring away in their heads, coming up with another piece of moving prose or an astounding poem that just seems to have melted off their tongues, but I have a sneaky suspicion that, in reality, they are just like me, busy, distracted, put-upon ….. In fact, I think the best example of a writer I have come across this morning is the writer of Psalm 5, David – and by 7.30am , I had already written his prose in a text to someone – so I think I shall steal his fame and write his writing! “My voice you shall hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning I will direct it to you, and I will look up.’ (Psalm 5 v 3)




So many books are written by brave people who step out n try something new. I admire those who put pen to paper so eloquently and perfectly and often wish I too had the gift of becoming an author. Imagine the ability to dream an idea and story with characters and to dive into an imaginary land that others can come and loose themselves in. I have longed to try but my words don’t flow that way. At school English was never my strongest subject however hard I tried to achieve. But that’s ok God has so many gifts and callings and I know being a writer is not where my gifting lies.  Dyslexia has made pens papers and computers an entity that creates fear for me and my confidence wavers when I am presented with these items and given the challenge to write. Praying for all you out there who live with dyslexia that u will conquer the thing that holds u bk and try something new sometimes to be scared can create something beautiful.




My mind immediately goes to Psalms 45 v 1.

My heart overflows with a goodly theme, I will address my verses to the King.  My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

That is me! That is the kind of writer I am if you would call me a writer. You could even say I am the “Five minute writer” as I don’t edit or spend hours researching and refining…I just write. Or should I say sing. But isn’t singing writing? Selah.

My heart responds to God’s abundant love and unfailing love and faithfulness and I cannot do any less than open my mouth and let the words flow out unhindered. My heart overflows with praise to my God.

I have found even in the darkest of hours, when I feel so ill and tired and alone that God’s spirit deep inside of me begins to strum over the strings of my heart and words and melody combined begin to flow. My audience at this time is an audience of One. My audience is God and that is the greatest honour one can ever have in this world.

This song was born out of such a time.

I feel I have nothing, nothing I can bring

How can I bring an offering, an offering to my King

I can sing, I can sing.

I feel that I am empty, everything is wrong

Yet I know deep within me, there must be a song

That I can bring, That I can bring

A song to sing, A song to sing

So from somewhere deep inside of me, my spirit starts to rise

I look towards my Father, into His loving eyes

And I can sing,I can sing

And I can sing, My soul sings

And I can sing, My soul sings

This is my love song to You, my love song to You Jesus

This is my love song to You, my love song to You Jesus

This is my love song to You, my love song to You Jesus

This is my love song to You, my love song to You Jesus

So here are the words now in black and white, captured here on this page instead of just residing in my heart and in heavens chambers. My audience is no longer just for  “one” and the words are no longer just to be “heard” but to be “read” also. So, maybe I am a “writer” after all. However,I could not do this alone. The Holy spirit, the greatest Author and Composer lives inside of me. Sometimes He writes through me and other times we write together. What a wonderful partnership.

I think it is time to start writing….




Writing is something I seem to do less and less of these days.  I used to write letters to friends, particularly college friends in the long summer holidays.  Now I seem to write during the week – notes for my employers with messages and contact details and a brief synopsis of what the caller wanted.  I do always write on a Sunday – things that strike me when someone opens God’s word.  Now my life seems to consist more often of emails and texts and the odd phone call – we are losing the art of writing, but what I do love is being able to write unexpectedly so the receiver is unaware of the reason until they read the card or note I have written JUST for them.


The stimulus this week made me think. What makes a writer?  I don’t think of myself as a writer, but then, I don’t think of myself as a breather. Writing, like breathing, is necessary. There have been times when without this outlet I would literally not have survived – when the only way to deal with the pain and fear was to spill it onto paper.

There have also been times when the words wouldn’t come, and I felt incomplete, unable to be truly ‘me’ without the ability to process life on paper, or latterly, on a screen.

I write – because I have to. It is rare that anyone else reads my words – it is enough that God and I see them, and in looking at them with Him I gain a deeper understanding of the past, of the present, and of the plan which has always been there, despite the mess and confusion.

So – I am not sure that I am a writer in the sense that word is generally used – but writing is an integral part of who I am and how I live, and that is enough for me.


There is a post waiting in my drafts for me to finish which features a piece written by a good friend of mine, titled ‘a blank page.’ In it he speaks of the way each new day is a blank page for God to write a new part of our story on, or at least that’s what I took from it.
Edmund Wilson was quoted saying “no two people ever read the same book”, but in the same way, I believe no two people ever lead the same life; each new day is an opportunity for something bigger and better as it is being written by our creator.
There are many authors or writers who I love to read, but nothing compares to the story of us, the story in which we all get to take a leading role.
This post is brief but I feel it will be expanded upon better with more emotion and flow in my full post, for what is 5 minutes trying to covey the tale of what the biggest, and best writer out of all of us is doing.

And pieces from Su, Andrea and Carolyn published on their own blogs, just click on the links below.

Su on writing the old fashioned way.

Andrea explaining how she first went public with a life long writing habit.

Carolyn on how and why she writes.


There’s still time to join us. you can find the Five Minute Friday guidelines here, or contact me for more details.



8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Writer

  1. Woah! So much to comment on!

    Kim, your poem is great. I love the imagery used and can almost feel the sway on the rope as I read. Isn’t it wonderful when we find the right place for a phrase we have wanted to use for so long?

    Debbie, whilst I love your serene view, today I was writing at the same time as yelling at my teenagers to get out of bed and trying to get my daughter to take her medication as well as brewing up, thinking about lunch and a shower and planning the rest of the day.

    Katie, you’ve created something beautiful here with your prayers for those held back.

    Anna, thank you. Honest words of worship.

    Karen, I love your picture! I know what you mean about losing the art of writing and no matter how happy I am to hear from friends via email or how much I use it myself, nothing beats the feeling I have when I receive ‘proper’ post. I’ve started building up a pile of cards and postcards so I can drop notes to friends, as well as have a card when needed for a birthday or other occasion – sadly I haven’t got around to sending any yet. Maybe your words will prompt me to do so this week.

    Sarah, I know the power of your words only too well! 😉 You are a writer without doubt. and you don’t know how many times I open a word doc, type and then at the end delete because the writing was what I needed to help me process, clarify or pray.

    Steph, I’d love to read your full post. The image of the blank page is wonderful, a real encouragement to start each day afresh. As for your thought on story, they echo my own.

    Thank you everyone for a writerful day. Our family has had a do nothing day to start the holidays with a rest and I have so enjoyed writing and reading all these during it.

  2. Kim! I love your poem. I am not familiar to writing poems myself, and have not much experience with them. But for me, a poem is great when it makes me think something I wouldn’t normally thing, when I get images in my mind picturing the descriptions written in the poem, and when I end up curious and wanting more. Conclusion: Your poem is great 😉

    Debbie! I love your image, and can totally see it in my head, beautiful! But realty is as you suspect, most of us FMF-writers is like you, especially me. We have surroundings where plenty of other things demands our attention. For me, it’s the half full living room table, not far from my actual office(less that 1 square meter), which is so overfilled with mess that it’s impossible to write there. Instead i have my back at it when I write, so I wont have to deal with it today either 😉

    Katie! I have more than one confession to make: 1. I have dyslexia. 2. English is not my first language. Yet, here I am(, writing. Not claiming to be good at it, but judging by others comments, I seem to touch people through my writing(at least sometimes :p). I never let the dyslexia define me, or hold me back. And it’s been really tough and I’ve cried many a tear. But I feel that God has called me to write.What I don’t know yet. Perhaps it is “just” my blog with my few readers, or perhaps I will write a book sometime(like I dream of). I just want to show you that even though it is hard and it seems like it isn’t for you, it might very well be. God called Moses to speak to the Egyptians, and Moses answered “You can’t mean me. There is so many else who speak to people so much better than I do.” But God had chosen him nevertheless. God haven’t got a habit of choosing “perfect” people who has it all figured out… And God lay dreams down in us, is there a possibility that your longing of writing a book might be something to it? It is so encouraging that you pray for others, but I want to pray that exact prayer for you, I pray that you won’t let yourself be hindered or intimidated by trying something new 😉 “sometimes to be scared can create something beautiful.”

    Anna! I feel the joy rising when “listening” to you! Would you write some more! I love your description, and I love how you describe “the flow” that needs to get out to the best audience one can have–The Lord. I especially love the sentence, “The Holy spirit, the greatest Author and Composer lives inside of me. Sometimes He writes through me and other times we write together. What a wonderful partnership.” and it is so true, the words you are writing! Kepp on writing and please share more, it’s beautiful!

    Karen! “what I do love is being able to write unexpectedly so the receiver is unaware of the reason until they read the card or note I have written JUST for them.” What a beautiful way to write! It’s such a nice thing to do, and I am sure this is something God encourages you to do, and I’m sure those who receive these notes are grateful. I know I would have been! And it’s such a “small” thing to do that can bring so much joy! Inspiring :0)

    Sarah! I can relate to all you wrote! Especially, “There have been times when without this outlet I would literally not have survived – when the only way to deal with the pain and fear was to spill it onto paper.” Many years ago, before I met Jesus, I had such an intense pain in me. I had a baby, but I couldn’t feel love for her, and I didn’t want to life feeling like the biggest failure, amongst other things. For a time all I longed to do was to sink to the bottom of the ocean. I had so much sense that I knew my daughter would never truly recover if she would grow up knowing her mother had killed herself, so I lay awake at night crying of desperation. Once I actually sat on a rock by the sea, wanting to throw myself out there. I had a notebook with me, and instead I started writing exactly how I felt. When I read what I had wrote, it was like I was hit by a lightening, suddenly realizing how serious the situation was. I went to the doctor right afterwards an got help. That’s the story of how writing saved my life… Words matter, no matter how we use them.

    Steph! I don’t know what to say because I’m speechless by the beauty of what you describe and the point of view your friend described. Sounds like it will be an awesome post when published!

    Blessings to you all!
    -Ava Sophie

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