Five Minute Friday: Mighty (III)

I’m more than a little excited.

My efforts at including friends, writers and non-writers all, in a little blogging project had generated just the kind of interest and enthusiasm I had hoped for. This morning Su is laying down plans for a real time Five Minute Friday blogging party at her house with food, lap tops and live writing. Steph has launched a new blog, dedicated to writing and I have two new posts to share with you.

Watch this space!

We will be blogging again next week for Five Minute Friday and would love you to join us. Even if you have never written before or if you only usually write for yourself this is a truly inclusive endeavour: everyone is welcome.



I don’t think Sarah will mind me saying that she doesn’t by nature put herself out there, and for that reason I am especially glad to share her writing here. I wasn’t surprised when I went on Facebook to steal a photo of her and found that there were none. So instead I chose this picture of an ice cream van and tractor from the albums available and you will have to carry on imagining what she looks like. Many of you commented on the beautifully structured poem that Sarah presented for Five Minute Friday two weeks ago on the topic of CROWDS. This week she has written a prose piece in response to the word MIGHTY.


Mighty… What does it bring to mind? Well, there’s God, of course. Too obvious though, and how can my few words hope to describe that awesome power.Then there are the mighty men and women of the. Bible  – the great examples given to us to encourage and inspire. To be honest, much of the time all that they inspire in me is feeling of hopelessness – that kind of faith and sacrifice seem out of my realm of possibility most of the time. Sometimes, though,I catch a glimpse of a kind of mightiness in those around me – in the anorexic teenager struggling through all the food on her plate;  in the old man walking down the road every day on  painfully arthritic legs because his dog ‘likes a walk’; in the young mother working the night shift at Sainsbury’s so that her daughter can continue the ballet lessons that she loves.In all of these, varying on quietly doing their best for others without complaining, I see the mighty strength of a human spirit made in God’s image, displaying a reflection of His might however unknowingly, and I realise once again the mighty potential he has put in each one of his creations.    





Heidi has also come out of a type of writing anonymity to share this post on MIGHTY. She can write for England (or maybe Wales) but mainly chooses to write for the kingdom. Like Sarah she offers no photos of herself on Facebook, but her profile picture says it all.


HE WAS MIGHTY EVEN BEFORE HIS BIRTH. Prophets dreamt wide awake of His coming, Scriptures foretold Him, nations awaited Him and history held its breath. Even His very conception confounded the laws of life as we know it.

HE WAS MIGHTY FROM BIRTH. Yet this might was barely recognisable, concealed as it was by outward layers of helpless humanity. He was born in poverty and obscurity. Still, angels proclaimed Him, wise men worshipped Him and unwise rulers plotted against Him.

HE WAS MIGHTY IN LIFE. His power controlled the forces of nature itself, calming tempests, walking upon water and healing miraculously. He was mighty in power, indeed, but mighty in compassion, too. As then, still now, He loves the unlovable, the undeserving, the ungrateful and the unaware with such a senseless, relentless love that can never be explained, only felt.

HE WAS MIGHTY IN DEATH.Ultimate sacrifice begat ultimate victory as His death and resurrection abolished forever the separation between the Creator and His created. No exceptions and no exclusions. His nail-pierced hands offer redemptive reconciliation to all, because His Salvation, like His might, knows no bounds.   

HE IS MIGHTY FOREVER. His superlative status is established throughout eternity. He was and is and is to come. He is as powerful as He is infinite and incomprehensible. Job observed : “Behold, He is mighty, yet He despises none. He is mighty in power and heart”. And for that, we will all be eternally grateful.





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