Five Minute Friday: Mighty (I)


A couple of weeks ago now some friends joined me in writing a short piece for Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday.

It was great fun and what I liked was the variety of people who joined in. I call that inclusive: some who write regularly on public blogs, others who write regularly but only in private and those who, as far as I know, hardly ever write at all.

I’m forever thankful to the internet for the ways in which it gives a voice to us plain people who would not usually be heard. It connects, in one click, us plain people from all over the world who would otherwise live in quiet domestic obscurity, speaking mainly to ourselves, in our silent heads or dimly on the closed pages of private notebooks and journals. The internet is a great equaliser in this sense. For, as long as we have wi-fi we have a place to tell our stories and make a fragile connection with the world outside of our family and most intimate circle of friends. In the same way the internet becomes a space where our stories are more equal and slowly we close the gap between, small, amateur, domestic, insignificant and big, powerful, professional and important. We can all be world changes (or writers) in our small corners of life and we can encourage others to do the same from the platform that is our own phone screen or desk top PC.

So if you would like to join today’s blogging party, it’s an open invitation. This is what you should do,

  • Write for 5 minutes using the prompt MIGHTY, anything you like (free-fall) !
  • Email the piece to me and I will post it on my blog or you can post it on your own blog and send me the link
  • If you post on your own blog you can also use the linky tool at the bottom of Lisa Jo Baker’s post and share your piece there
  • If you share on you should check her guidelines and comment on the post that appear immediately before your own

This is what I can share so far, from early arrivals for the blog party fun …



Steph is a youth leader from our church. She inspired our young people last night with a message from 1 Timothy 4.12 about not being intimidated because you are young. She was the first to respond to my invitation this morning, sending me this from her phone. I believe she was still in bed when she wrote it! But that’s the best thing about Five Minute Friday: it’s a chance to write without the accompanying worries over content, style, form, grammar, punctuation and other types of editing anxiety. Steph writes,



When I think of mighty I think big. When I think of mighty I think unshakeable, unbreakable and undeniable.

When I think of mighty I… Well I think redeemer, saviour, healer, overcomer, provider, protector… God.

As a young woman who’s still finding her feet and growing up in the world, I sometimes find it hard to comprehend exactly what is in store for me. But through him we are also called to be mighty; I spoke a mere 12 hours ago about the importance of not letting your age get in the way of standing for what you believe in, for God has called us to do so… Does courage not go in line with might?

We have been empowered to do all things, so don’t back down, don’t be afraid…

For you, YOU are mighty.



Su writes at her own blog and I’m particularly fond of this contribution because it includes a mention of my own wee daughter Lucy, small but MIGHTY.



Carolyn is a regular and experienced blogger. We are friends since university and though we haven’t spend much time together since, we have remarkably similar stories to tell. She blogs at and has written a piece called, On being a Mighty Woman, which leads me on to also recommend her book review of Sarah Bessey’s Jesus Feminist, which you can read here.

I really hope some more everyone-a-writer friends will take up their pen or their typing digits and share some Five Minute posts with me before the weekend is out.




6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Mighty (I)

  1. I love Steph’s piece, it gave me thrills reading it and made me want to jump up and shout a loud ‘Yes!’ to this “We have been empowered to do all things, so don’t back down, don’t be afraid…For you, YOU are mighty.”
    I’ve commented on Suzanna’s blog and as for that photo of me and my two, where did you find it???

    • Hi Carolyn, it was a public photo on your Facebook. I think it’s nice but a thought you might not! Be brave my friend.
      Wasn’t Steph’s piece good? She really inspired the youth last night with her message, especially Lucy and I’m so glad she joined in. Hope you are all well.

      • I’m not surprised Steph inspired your youth, she sounds inspiring. I will be brave, I was surprised as it isn’t a recent photo, it was from holiday I think either last year or the year before.

  2. I love this – such a beautiful picture of being empowered by God to do great things. Always remember that God is in control of your life and even if it doesn’t make sense, he will use you to do amazing things. When we remain obedient to Him, he leads us on grand adventures. Keep writing. The world needs to hear your voice! You are an awesome and amazing woman!

  3. You people flatter me >_< but thank you, I am glad you enjoyed reading it, I certainly enjoyed writing it! 🙂 x

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