90 minute baby mitten pattern


We were joined by another new baby at toddler group this week. Everybody loves a baby and for me nothing brings out the knitting needles faster than a baby.

The 90 minute baby mitten pattern that I share here is a follow up to the very successful 2 hour baby hat pattern that I shared in the spring. I aim to design a simple pattern that does not burden the knitter with too much navigational toil and unnecessary complications.

In terms of skill and technique this pattern is excruciatingly easy. You just need to be able to cast on, knit and purl, make a simple decrease by knitting two stitches together and to cast off. If in doubt you can easily find videos on YouTube that will remind you of these basic techniques. If you haven’t knitted in a while it will return quickly, like riding a bike. If you can knit but have never made an actual garment this pattern is ideal.

So how quick and simple is it? In essence you work a couple of centimetres of rib, a few more centimetres of stocking stitch and then you perform the simple decrease across seven rows and cast off on the eighth. This should all take about 45 minutes per mitten; 90 minutes in all.



The 90 minute baby mitten pattern

You will need: 50g 4 ply yarn, two size 3.25mm/10UK/3USA needles, a tape measure and a darning needle

Cast on 32 stitches

Working in knit one, purl one rib, complete 12 rows of rib

Continue working in stocking stitch (knit a row, purl a row) until the work measures 8cm, ending on a purl row

Work the first decrease row on a knit row

Decrease in the following manner:

Row 1: (K1, K2tog tbl, K10, k2tog, K1) x 2

Row 2: purl

Row 3: (K1, K2tog tbl, K8, k2tog, K1) x 2

Row 4: purl

Row 5: (K1, K2tog tbl, K6, k2tog, K1) x 2

Row 6: purl

Row 7: (K1, K2tog tbl, K4, k2tog, K1) x 2

Cast off remaining 16 stitches purl-wise

Press according to yarn manufacturers instructions and sew side seam to finish

Abbreviations: K = knit, P = purl, K2tog = knit two stitches together (to decrease 1 stitch), tbl = through the back of loops



You may also be interested in my two hour baby hat pattern.


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