A walk one winter night

Now the holidays have come there will be slow days at home, the wrapping of presents and the lighting of candles whilst all around the house we breath in the aromas of Christmas baking: cinnamon, brown sugar and almond paste. There will be a little more time lying in bed on cold mornings and we will share the preparation of food around the kitchen table. In the afternoons we will choose which films we want to watch and talk about articles we read online and which Youtube videos we have all watched. And there will be music from the kitchen as we bake and in the sitting room where we read and the near constant strumming of the ukulele and banjo in the rooms up above. Piled on the coffee table we have the Christmas books, Dickens, Narnia and travelogues of the Middle East. This is a huge book time for us: we give books, receive books, we read books and discuss books. In our home we never tire of stories, our own and those of others.


I found this video-ed storytelling treat on the storyline blog this morning and hope that at some point today you will find time to listen. Everyone loves being read to, but we forget the pleasure in old age or busyness or in our surrender to the louder demands of TV and internet. It’s fifteen minutes long; so make yourself a milky coffee and choose something baked from the cake tin before you sit down to watch.

In the distance I saw a warm glow coming from a small wooden stable in a yard down the street, sheltering something inside that was older than the stars and bigger than the whole wide world, and it was real.

from Al Andrews, A Walk One Winter Night

You can purchase, Al Andrews, A Walk One Winter Night:A Real Christmas Story at a real bookshop or online.


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