Something lovely for the weekend before Christmas

Today we finished school at lunchtime for Christmas. So the holidays have begun and I am really not one of those Christians who is especially fanatical about putting Jesus back into Christmas. I think Christmas is just fine as a family holiday time with gift giving, all the best food and some sparkly decorations. The season gives us some especially good opportunities for sharing the message about Jesus but I’m too much of an all year round kind of Christians to get upset about the secularisation of Christmas. I guess the message here is that Jesus is for every day, not just for Christmas.

So please forgive me this shameless sharing of a puting-Jesus-back-into-Christmas video message that I can not resist sharing.

Believing the wrong things about God can be quite a problem for believers and unbelievers alike.


Santa gives things then goes away,

Jesus shows up to befriend and to stay.

Santa rewards those for good behaviour,

Jesus draws near to the broken as Saviour.

If you don’t like God I think I know why,

Your probably think he’s Saint Nick in the sky.

You’re right to reject that far away stranger,

This Christmas look down to the God in the manger.

This video was made by Glen Scrivener an evangelist working in the South of England. You can read his blog here.


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