Something lovely for the weekend

It’s Friday.

I came home from work too swiftly tonight. Raging headache. I left my phone somewhere in the piles of files and papers on my desk. Living without a phone will probably be the riskiest thing I do this weekend.

If you were wondering if I had finished what I want to say about pain, suffering and the hard things of life, I certainly have not. There is more to come: much, much more.  As if the internet did not already have enough words.

In the meantime here is something lovely for the weekend which I found via Ann Voskamp’s wonderful blog, A Holy Experience.

You’ve had your fill of all the cliches,

Like “life is hard but God is good”,

Even though it’s true,

It won’t stop what you’re going through,

I wish that I could say it would …

Hold on my brother things are going to get better,

You’re going to smile again,

Because we win in the end.


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