Believe in yourself


This morning I have been finishing a little work in the church cellar and I got to thinking about one of the quotes they had chosen for the wall. I wrote a post for their blog and share it here. I was hoping I could show something of the strengths and the limitations of the ‘believe in yourself’ message.


I made sure I was at the building early this morning. I wanted to start the day with a sense of accomplishment and a job well finished, one step closer to making the cellar the best youth venue ever.

I made myself a coffee and carried it downstairs along with a CD players so I had music to paint along  to. Thanks to the girls the letters were already pencilled onto the walls and thanks to the spirit level the letters were straight. I’ve done this before, so I got down to business, each letter outlined with a marker pen then carefully painted inside the lines using a blunt brush and acrylic paint.

It looks good.

be you

But is it enough? Is it enough to tell you and all the other lovely young people who join us in our great cellar venue, two, three times a week ‘Be you’, ‘Believe in yourself’?

Of course not! We have a message and we have a God, and our message and our God are much bigger than any pithy quote. After all some young people really do not like being themselves at all. Some of them are plagued with the sense that they are not enough and unless they meet and come to know the God who loves them deeply for who they are, they will never be able to believe in themselves or anyone else.

All of our human nature and everything in the created world has been spoilt by sin and a turning from God that first happened in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve became discontented with what God had gifted to them.  Yet God was not confused or discouraged by this rebellion, he began calling man back to himself with loving kindness and patience until, at just the right time he sent Jesus.

be saved

Jesus is God’s perfect way of showing us that we are completely loved and accepted because he died on the cross to take the weight and the consequence of every sin and rebellion ever known to man. And then having died this terrible death he was raise to life and returned to reign with God, so that we can know ourselves loved and accepted and be the people we were born to be. This is why we believe in Jesus.

Jesus Christ at work in us is powerful and changes us from despicable-me to forever-loved-and-accepted-me.

So believe in yourself and be who you truly are in Christ.

Be Saved and Be You.


2 thoughts on “Believe in yourself

  1. Such an important message for our teens – and older. I pray my teens learn it now and not much later as I did. By the way – what is it with youth and cellars, even back in my day and before, all the coolest (dating me) youth clubs met in cellars.

    • Thanks Carolyn, I loved hearing your stories of how you have endevoured to nurture this in your own kids when we met up over the summer. There is definitely an affinity between the tendencies of the adolescent nature and airless,damp places completely devoid of sunlight !!

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