Returning to the blog

The summer in which I planned to blog a lot became the summer where I didn’t blog at all. Dappled Things laid dormant and the new blog I had made for posting summer holiday ideas for kids never got a look in. All the time I filled my notes books, annotated my Bible and made digital scribbles on whatever device came to hand, but no actual posts

We had a busy summer.  Five times we took ourselves off and slept away from home: Bible week family camp with church, JesusLoves with friends, rural Suffolk with family, Greenbelt with cousins and a weekend in the English Lakes just me and Andy. In between I filled the washing machine and pegged out clothes, finished the drying on radiators, ironed (if I had to) and filled the suit cases over again.





I read, knitted, took some walks, baked, camped and swam in the sea. I went to the library and napped in the afternoons, cleared out cupboards, listened to music and drank lattes.

Three days a week I was at church: in the office or out visiting, hosting our weekly Coffee and Colouring or Out and About.  All lovely times meeting up with our growing community of parents and their tinies for some fun and fellowship helped along by our fabulous youth.

So it’s time to put the summer dresses, flip-flops and camping gear away. Time to get out the notepads and pens and to discipline myself to daily writing and reading and to focus my thoughts long enough each week to pull together something I can publish.

I hope you will enjoy reading what I have to offer, starting with a mini series on the problems of pain and suffering beginning tomorrow. And if you’re wondering why I choose such emotionally intense topics, I need you to know I have tried to write more cheerfully without much success. And the post I wrote on depression in June was by far my most read post I’ve written (followed by the two-hour baby hat pattern, that’s looked at nearly every day by someone round the world). So pain and suffering is the topic and finding joy and healing is the purpose. I look forwards to sharing again tomorrow.






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