Something lovely for the weekend

Jonathan finished school some weeks ago now. He’s busy with his reading and helping out at church. He took all the books off the shelves and dusted them clean for me, before putting them back one by one. Doing this he earned some money to buy birthday presents because he had spent all he had (and more) on a banjo.

For us it is a summer full of picking and strumming and tabs and tunes. The music runs down the stairs and tumbles out the windows. It taps on the door in the morning and sings us to sleep at night. And we really like it. In the evenings he’s in the sitting room searching out artists and songs and if you care to join him he’ll stop what he’s doing and find you some music that he thinks you will like.

Jonathan knows I like music that I can match to the novels I’ve read, and the sense of place that I keep in my head.  He finds the theme tunes to times in the past or the ‘my song’ of a person in fiction or history I’d really like to know.  He plays me Americana, nostalgia music, sacred harp, English folk and all my favourite hymns and he’s taught me some stuff about folk and the blues and everything in-between. And all the stories of where that music came from and where its going to and one day I think he will be an Emeritus Professor of Folk Music in an eminent University sharing his encyclopaedic knowledge with the world.

This tune and the playing of it is just about perfect.

Doc Watson, Deep River Blues


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