Two hour baby hat


I’m a free style cook and a free style crafter. I might spend hours poring over recipes books and instructions on the internet but once I get into the kitchen or the sewing room I like to put away the printed word. I’m being creative and there’s little time for reading, cognition or sequencing. I’m in free flow, wild and doing-my-thing.

But I have to confess knitting has confounded me. Beyond the stocking stitch scarf or blanket squares there isn’t much I can knit without a pattern. So there I sit awkwardly balancing wool, needles, pattern, notebook, post-its and pen in a desperate attempt to keep up with the instructions. This knitting language with its endless counting and impenetrable abbreviations, brackets and asterisk is the closest thing to algebra I ever do these days and frankly its tiring.

So I decided I need to extend my repertoire of patternless garments and in the name of free style knitting I introduce to you the’ two hour baby hat’.

The aim of this pattern is to make the instructions so simple you won’t need to keep referring back to the pattern because it is logical and simple to remember.

This hat took a little under two hours to make. You will need some 4 ply yarn (choose something with a little wool in it, please), knitting needles size 3.25mm/10UK/3USA and a darning needle to sew the seam. You will need to be able to cast on, knit, purl and knit two stitches together to make a decrease.

NB. This pattern is extremely easy.



Cast on 88 stitches

Working in knit one, purl one rib complete 8 rows (or 1  1/2 cm) of rib

Continue working in stocking stitch (knit a row, purl a row) until the work measures 9cm in all

Work decrease row one on a knit row: knit 9, knit two stitches together, repeat to the end of the row

Purl a row

Following decrease rows: work decrease on every knit row according to the following pattern,

  • Decrease row two: knit 8, knit two together, repeat to the end of the row
  • Decrease row 3: knit 7, knit two together, repeat to the end of the row
  • Decrease row 4: knit 6, knit two together, repeat to the end of the row …

Continue this decrease pattern until you have eight stitches left

Thread remaining stitches onto a needle and pull up tight

Complete the hat by sewing the side edge seam

This pattern can easily be adapted for the magic loop, in which case there will be no seam.

Check out Youtube for videos of any techniques you are unsure of.

Click here for a printable PDF copy of the Two Hour Baby Hat pattern.


26 thoughts on “Two hour baby hat

  1. Just finished this project today. Never looked at the pattern after reading through once! Thanks for creating such an easy to follow pattern. Love it

    • I can’t tell you how delighted I am to hear from you. No one has ever messaged me a completed hat before! If you can send a picture. I’m about to start one myself for some friends who had a baby yesterday. I wanted the pattern to be really easy and I’m glad you found it that way.

    • That’s great Elizabeth! So lovely to get a message form another person who has made the hat. About to start one myself. Planning some more easy to follow/ easy to knit baby knit patterns for the blog.

  2. This looks great, excited to give it a try! How would I adapt this for bigger sizes? I have an 18 month old son currently but we have a new baby due in January! Would love to be able to make a range of sizes for gifts too!

  3. I would love to make this hat. I’ve started it 3 times, and with the size needles quoted, I cannot seem to get the first 8 rows to measure 1.5 cm I can get 4 rows into 1.5 cm but not 8. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can get 8 rows into 1.5 inches but not cm. Any suggestions?

    • Sorry, this question ended up in spam and I’ve only just seen it. Firstly, what type of yarn are you using. The pattern is for 4 play yarn, which most Americans call fingering. It’s moderately fine and knits up quite slow.

    • Hi Betty. I think you would be better finding a pattern that is written for use with chunky yarn. The 4 play in this pattern is much finer than chunky weight wool.Good luck!

  4. Your directions say continue this decrease pattern until you have eight stitches left, but does the decrease pattern begin with decrease row 1?

  5. Hi Betty, love this pattern so thank you! What would you recommend to make it into a 3-6 month size hat? How more stitches do I need to add? Thanks

    • Hi, sorry to take so long in reply. The pattern can be made bigger by casting on more stitches in lots of 8. The decrease rows are then worked in additional rounds of 8. Does that make sense?

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