Farewell to Dappled Things

After a break from blogging I’m ready to go again but on a new site called, I felt it shelter. Its been lovely to have so many followers and readers. I hope you will transfer your readership to the new blog which you can find here. I will keep Dappled Things up and running for […]

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Life is a dappled thing

We painted the trees near our house with treacle and beer to make a trap for moths. We heard that creatures, rarely seen in the light of day would come when night fell. And they did. Our first specimen was large, startling, magnificent. An Old Lady moth, big as a bird and feathered with scales […]

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Big books

I like big books and I cannot lie. I confess that I have escaped life between the pages of a book like some people escape into alcohol or drugs. The comfort of a big book, for me, is that it will not end too soon and one can postpone the final-page slump that inevitably comes […]

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In other news …

I met with my counsellor this morning. I’ve been seeing her for eight months now and at the end of the session I think we both sensed that the course of therapy is now coming to an end; not because I’m completely free of overwhelming thoughts, but because I’m now well enough to let my […]

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What I learnt in March

Today I’m linking up with Emily Freeman who organises one of the many end of the month blog shares that can be found around the internet. Partial success is still success I disappointed some folk this month, quite by accident. They were pretty angry with me and didn’t hold back in telling me so. I […]

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In search of spring

  We took a walk in the woods yesterday. It felt like spring. The water of the mere was still, but for a few slow ripples stirred by the movement of birds: goldeneye, teal and widgeon. A pair of great crested grebes, in the shallows pulling at roots and weeds, looked like they might be […]

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Yarn Along – March 9th

I’m reading The Museum of You, by Carys Bray. I really loved her first novel, A Song for Issy Bradley and she is also a local writer. The copy I have is a publisher’s proof and it feels quite special, a sneak preview before the official date of publication (June 16th in the UK). Her […]

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